A little about me, I was born in Arizona, raised in California until I was 13, and have been in Alaska since then. I’ve been taking photos of things since I was big enough to press down the shutter button. I find it fascinating to be able to capture a moment in time and be able to share it with others, that’s what drives me to continue taking photographs.

Moving a lot while growing up has taught me to really appreciate my environment and surroundings. Whenever I travel to new cities, I’m constantly looking around, taking in all the architecture, the people, the plant life, everything. I love patterns, both naturally occuring and manmade, and many of my photos reflect that.

In case you’re wondering, my photos have been taken with a variety of cameras. I’m currently using a Nikon D300 for most of my photos, though my trusty Yashica-MAT LM (c. 1956) medium format camera makes it into use every now and then. Older photos have been shot on a variety of digital and 35mm film cameras.

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