Jägerbomb Time Lapse

A few months ago, I bought these little shot glass-shaped silicone molds that let you make shot glasses out of ice. Naturally, I thought about how this could be made into a photo… Well, I ended up making it into a series of about 110 photos, shot once a minute, then compressed down into a 20 second clip. The result? A real Jägerbomb! I was a little unsure exactly how the shot of Jägermeister was going to make its way through the ice, but found out about halfway through – it was a quicker escape than what I thought it would be. It was a fun little project in any case and I’ll be doing more with this idea in the future.

Aurora Harbor Sunset Time Lapse

This was a fun project. I setup my camera on a tripod inside my condo (too cold outside!) and had it snap a photo every five minutes over several hours. The results are pretty nice and actually pretty interesting – we get big tides here and this video is a good example of that. Note the level of the boats and buildings in the harbor from the beginning of the video to the end. Quite the change!